Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. DiIorio

Registration continues for
the 2022-2023 school year!

Call the school office at 330-929-9300 to schedule a tour of the school or request a registration form.

Three-Year-Old Classes


Children need to be three and toilet trained prior to the start of the pre-school year to enroll in one of our 3 year old classes. Some special events include: Threes Night Out, Mickey Mouse day, Grandparents' Day, and the Harvest Festival.

A typical day in one of our 3 year old classes includes:

  • Child directed play in areas such the housekeeping corner, block area, or with a variety of toys
  • Stories, songs, and fingerplays in circle time
  • Arts and crafts with a variety of materials
  • Snack time
  • Music and rhythms
  • Large Muscle Room time where students may ride bikes or play with a variety of equipment for gross motor development


Academic Skills

  1. Recognize printed name
  2. Identify beginning letter of first name
  3. State last name
  4. Recite alphabet
  5. Identify 8 basic colors
  6. Identify 7 basic shapes
  7. Count to 10
  8. Draw a face including: eyes, nose, and mouth
  9. Identify basic body parts
  10. Recall details to stories
  11. Expand vocabulary
  12. Recognize some sight words

Social Skills

  1. Seperate easily from parents
  2. Develop good listening skills
  3. Follow class routine and rules
  4. Able to walk in line with class
  5. Follow 2-3 step directions
  6. Play cooperatively with other children
  7. Express feelings appropriately
  8. Make wants and needs known to the teacher
  9. Increase attention span for activities
  10. Participate in large group activities
  11. Converse with peers and teacher
  12. Dress self
  13. Handle bathroom needs independently

Fine Motor Skills

  1. Cut simple shapes with scissors
  2. Use pencil, crayon, or markers as guided
  3. Use paintbrush at easel and table

Gross Motor Skills

  1. Walk and run smoothly
  2. Jump with two feet
  3. Walk low balance beam independently
  4. Attempt to pedal bicycle