Mrs. Chancey and Mrs. Durr

Registration continues for the 2022-2023 school year!

Call the school office at 330-929-9300 to schedule a tour of the school or request a registration form.



Four-Year-Old Classes


Children who will turn 4 prior to the start of pre-school may enroll in one of our 4 year old classes. Some special events these classes participate in include a Thanksgiving feast, a Christmas program for parents, and a Good Manners Tea Party.

A typical day in one of our 4 year old classes includes:

  • Child directed play in areas such the play kitchen, block area, or with a variety of toys
  • Stories
  • Calendar
  • Arts and crafts with a variety of materials
  • Snack time
  • Music
  • Scholastic News Magazine
  • Introduction to phonics and basic math concepts
  • Large Muscle Room time where students may ride bikes or play with a variety of equipment for gross motor development


Academic Skills

  1. Know first and last name
  2. Know age
  3. Recite alphabet
  4. Print first name
  5. Recognize most alphabet letters
  6. Count to 50
  7. Introduce phonics
  8. Introduce sight words
  9. Introduce patterning
  10. Recognize body parts
  11. Know position orientation words
  12. Introduce opposite and rhyming words
  13. Expand vocabulary
  14. Sequence sizes
  15. Categorize objects
  16. Understand simple math and science concepts

Social Skills

  1. Develop good listening skills
  2. Increase attention span
  3. Respect peers and classroom equipment
  4. Follow 2 or 3 step directions
  5. Express needs to teacher
  6. Express emotions appropriately
  7. Particpate in large group activities
  8. Follow routine independently
  9. Walk with class in line
  10. Use restroom independently

Fine Motor Skills

  1. Hold pencil, marker or crayon effectively
  2. Cut simple shapes accurately with scissors
  3. Trace stencils
  4. Use paint brushes appropriately at table and easel
  5. Write their own name
  6. Assemble simple puzzles

Gross Motor Skills

  1. Walk forward and backward
  2. Skip, hop, gallop smoothly
  3. Walk low balance beam independently
  4. Pedal bicycle